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You Deserve More Protection.

When you get involved in a major incident, and you’ve maxed out your current insurance policies, you might find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Luckily, there’s umbrella insurance to save the day.

An umbrella policy is a type of insurance product that provides additional coverage above and beyond your existing insurance plan, such as a home or auto insurance policy. It usually covers miscellaneous medical expenses, legal fees, and defense costs if you’re found liable in a lawsuit. Here are some sample situations where an umbrella policy would be advantageous:

  • Your dog bites a neighbor, causing severe injury.
  • A guest trips and falls or gets into an accident at your residence and sues you to cover their medical bills.
  • You cause a major car or boat accident that injures and damages other drivers’ vehicles, and your existing auto insurance isn’t sufficient to cover the damages.
  • Someone gets injured or drowns in your swimming pool.

Umbrella insurance gives ultimate peace of mind at the time you need it most. Contact Homan’s Insurance today to learn more about this additional liability coverage or to get assistance in finding the best umbrella policy provider.


Umbrella Policy Picks Up Where Your
Home and Auto Insurances Left Off.

Also known as personal liability insurance or excess insurance, umbrella insurance will protect you during your most challenging times by acting as backup coverage for your current home and vehicle insurance. Below are some of the reasons you should get yourself an umbrella policy.

  • It prevents you from paying out of pocket if you’re found responsible for another person’s accident or injury, and your other policies aren’t enough to cover the costs. 
  • It extends to the other members of your family, like your spouse, children, and relatives living in your house and don’t have their own home or auto insurance. 
  • It covers a wide range of problems and occurrences, such as liability claims, legal expenses, and personal injury. 
  • It can benefit anyone, especially those who own a property or business, have other significant assets aside from their home, own risky items like trampolines, pools, or even dogs, and those who have a higher likelihood of getting sued (e.g. sports coaches, landlords, etc.)

Homan's Insurance Finds
The Best Umbrella Policy For You.

If you are considering adding an umbrella policy to your existing home or auto insurance, contact the experts at Homan’s Insurance. We are an independent insurance agency in Ohio committed to helping you shop for the umbrella policy that perfectly suits your needs, situation, and budget. Our umbrella insurance guarantees coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

With our strong relationships with top insurance companies on the market, we’re sure to connect you with a responsible insurer that can exceed your expectations. We will present you with the best umbrella policies, help you weigh your options, translate any terms that seem unfamiliar to you, and answer all the questions you may have. We will make sure you have a complete understanding of how this excess insurance works before you add it to your base policy.

At Homan’s Insurance, we also promise a fast and hassle-free process because we want you to have that extra layer of protection you deserve. We will first take the time to know your lifestyle and assets, determine how much umbrella coverage you need to be fully protected, and then narrow down your options from financially sound insurance companies in our network. Our certified insurance agents will work closely with you and assist you from enrollment to processing your claims. Contact our Chickasaw office at (419) 925-4567 or our Versailles office at (937) 526-4177 to schedule an appointment.

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