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It’s a dream come true when all your hard work has paid off, and you finally have a place to call your own. Your home is indeed one of your biggest financial investments, so it’s imperative that you safeguard against loss with comprehensive home insurance.

Also known as homeowners insurance, home insurance saves you from having to pay a large lump sum to repair damages to your residential property and everything inside it should a natural disaster or other unexpected event occur. Home insurance is not always required, but it does play a significant role in giving you peace of mind and protecting your family’s future.

Here’s what standard home insurance typically covers:

  • Interior and exterior home damages due to fire, tornadoes, lightning, and other natural calamities.
  • Destruction of unattached structures like a shed, detached garage, or fence.
  • Loss of personal property or belongings.
  • Additional living costs while your home is being repaired.
  • Theft, vandalism, and other man-made problems.

Whether you’re a current homeowner or a first-time homebuyer, home insurance will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Get in touch with Homan’s Insurance today to learn more about homeowners insurance or to request a home insurance quote.


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Did you know that homeowners insurance developed from fire insurance? “Fire insurance” was designed to provide coverage for loss or damage due to fire but has evolved to “home insurance” because it now covers more than that. Here are some of the benefits of this property insurance policy:

  • Home insurance safeguards your residential property and all its contents, including your furniture and built-in appliances, when an unwelcome surprise arrives at your doorstep. You’ll be financially protected against losses caused by theft, fire, wind damage, and other disasters.
  • Home insurance protects you and your family from liability. If a visitor gets injured at your residence, it could cost thousands of dollars or more in medical bills. Your home insurance policy can help you pay for those expenses and even protect you from possible lawsuits. 
  • Home insurance is one of the most affordable insurance products available. Many home insurance companies offer budget-friendly plans. All you need is to work with a reliable Ohio insurance agent to guide you in selecting the best one that fits your needs and finances.
  • Home insurance makes it easier for you to apply for house loans. It’s a major factor that most banks look at when evaluating and approving loan requests.
  • Home insurance reduces stress and gives you peace of mind. Nothing is more relieving than knowing your biggest investment is well-protected.
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Finding the right homeowners insurance policy will save you tons of dollars. While home insurance costs rise with inflation, loyalty is often rewarded. The longer you stay with a good insurance company, the lower your premium can become. At Homan’s Insurance, we can help you look for a trustworthy home insurer in Ohio and guide you in choosing the most comprehensive yet affordable home insurance that will fully protect your most valuable asset.

We know that home insurance can be pretty complicated given the many coverages it offers, but our insurance experts will be at your side to walk you through it and aid you in selecting the right coverage for the place you call home. We will make sure you understand everything about your policy, including what’s covered and what’s not. Our Ohio-based insurance agency can also help you find ways to save money on your home insurance. To schedule an appointment with us, call 419.925.4567. Homan’s Insurance helps protect single-family houses, townhomes, and condominiums.

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