Agriculture and Farm Insurance In Ohio

Keep your operations protected with the right farm insurance policy.

Your Farm Requires Special Insurance Coverage.

Farming is among the most profitable businesses in Ohio, but it is also the riskiest. Whether you own a large livestock operation or a small hobby farm, the only thing you want is to protect your precious livelihood against any mishaps in the future.

A comprehensive farm insurance plan will ensure that your agriculture business stays on the safe side. Similar to how most insurance plans work, farm insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you can recover your losses and invest in farming again should a natural disaster or any misfortune destroy your farm. This insurance product typically covers property damages, personal liability, and sometimes, even the money you earn from your farm. Below are its other coverage:

  • Your livestock or animals, such as horses, sheep, chickens, and cattle.
  • Your farm and other structures like barns, sheds, and workshops.
  • Your farm vehicles, machinery, and equipment.
  • Your grains, vegetables, fruits, and other produce.

Big, small, or hobby—Ohio farmers deserve a higher level of protection. Contact Homan’s Insurance today to learn more about farm insurance or to get assistance in finding the right coverage for your agricultural operation.


Complete Coverage For Livestock, Vehicles, and Equipment.

When you’re running your own farm or ranch, risks are everywhere. A natural calamity can suddenly hit and knock down your livelihood, or your animals can inflict an injury that may put you in a liability situation. If you haven’t considered getting a farm insurance policy yet, you will after seeing its many benefits.

  • It will compensate you if something disastrous happens to your agriculture business. With that money, you can build your livelihood again and recover your lost revenue.
  • It provides coverage for any farmer, whether large, small, or hobby.
  • It protects your farm structures and everything inside it, including your produce, animals, equipment, and vehicles.
  • It provides liability coverage that saves you in case someone gets injured on your property or if a consumer gets sick from your produce.
  • It can be customized. You can add coverage to meet all your business needs. This may include farm accident coverage, water coverage, sewer backup, loss of farm machinery, business interruption, and more.

Homan's Insurance Offers The Best Insurance Coverage For Ohio Farmers.

We at Homan’s Insurance come from a background of farmers, so we know your business and how to protect it. Growing up on the family farm, we understand that the last thing you need on your mind is another worry. Let us help you find the coverage that best fits your individual farm account. As farms in Ohio differ, so do your needs and options. Our insurance agents will take the time to review your operations, determine the level of coverage that will fully protect you and your farming possessions, and guide you in understanding your policy options.

Homan’s Insurance safeguards any agriculture business in Ohio, from livestock operations and grain operations to fruits and vegetables and orchards and vineyards. We strive to work with you to ensure that if the worst happens, you are protected. Call our Chickasaw office at (419) 925-4567 or our Versailles office at (937) 526-4177 to schedule an appointment. Our team promises to offer affordable rates for all of your farm insurance needs.

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